SSB RT6.5B-3 AGM Drycell

  • SSB RT6.5B-3 AGM Drycell
  • RT6.5B-3
  • SSB RT6.5B-3 AGM Drycell
  • RT6.5B-3


SSB High Cranking AGM Battery - RT6.5B-3 Battery - Non Spillable Technology - Extremely Vibration Resistance. 12 Months Warranty. RT6.5B3 read more




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SSB RT6.5B-3 AGM Drycell

Are you Chasing a battery replacement for your Motorbike?
You can rely on SSB Products for their punchy cold cranking amps and drycell agm design.
SSB has a huge range of products that are built to suit old school and modern day tech bikes. These products are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001.

SSB RT6.5B-3 AGM Drycell Battery.
✅SSB are 100% Australia owned and operated and have worked with Chinese Manufactures to produce a battery to suit our conditions.
This SSB RT6.5B-3 Battery is made for starting the engine.
Please use our cross reference to better help understand. Always measure up the battery before making an online purchase or call us for assistance.

✅ Maintenance Free
✅ 1 Year Warranty
✅ AGM Dry Cell Technology
✅ Modern Technology
✅ Extra Long Life Battery
✅ Extremely Vibration Resistance

– CCA (Cold Cranking Amps):
– AH (Amp Hour): 6.5
– Length: 139 mm
– Width: 66 mm
– Case Height: 102 mm
– Total Height Including Terminals: 102 mm
– Terminal Layout: Right Hand Positive (Please use the image below to correctly work out how the terminal layout works)
– Post Size: SAE ( Standard Large Size Posts )

Right Hand Positive Battery

Safety Data Sheet: SDS Batteries VRLA 2017

Useful Additional Information:

A2R Batteries & Performance takes pride in helping our customers to ensure that you are getting the very best suitable product for you application. It is always recommended that if you are not using the application often you should invest in a battery trickle charger to prolong the lifespan of your battery.

Chasing a Battery Trickle Charger to suit this when the application is not often used?
Check out this trickle charger in the link below we recommend it to keep the battery charged. It won’t overcharge your battery it’ll keep it maintained when fully charged.

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