Century 55D23L 103105


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Century 55D23L 103105

The Century 55D23L 103105 Battery is made for starting the engine so if you’re looking for a battery to suit harsh cycling it’s best off going with a dual purpose product because if you are cycling a starting battery down past 60% you’ll be working it hard at lower voltage.

This has a huge range of products that are built to suit Australian extreme conditions and has a well known reputation for quality and innovation.
Delivering high corrosion resistance so it will enhance the battery lifespan and performance for superior starting power.

These products are manufactured with the following:

  • Calcium battery plates to enhance reliability because modern tech alternators charge at higher voltage.
  • Well built advanced grid design
  • Optimised paste formula


  • ✅ Made In Australia
  • ✅ Maintenance Free
  • ✅ 2 Year Warranty
  • ✅ Modern Technology


  • ⦿ CCA: 540
  • ⦿ AH: 60
  • ⦿ Length: 232 mm
  • ⦿ Width: 173 mm
  • ⦿ Case Height: 202 mm
  • ⦿ Total Height Including Terminals: 225 mm
  • ⦿ Terminal Layout: Right Hand Positive (Please use the image below)
  • ⦿ Post Size: SAE ( Standard Large Size Posts )

Please use our application guide to better help understand what cars this battery suits. Always measure up the battery before making an online purchase or call us for assistance.

Battery Right Hand Positive

Safety Data Sheet:

Additional Info:
A2R Batteries & Performance takes pride in helping our customers to ensure that you are getting the very best suitable product for you application. We recommend to keep your battery on charge when not in use because batteries perform at their best staying above 80% charge.
Application not driven often? Invest in a battery trickle charger it will prolong the lifespan of your battery dramatically.

Chasing a Battery Trickle Charger to suit this product when the car is not often used?
Check out this trickle charger in the link below we recommend it to keep the battery charged because it won’t overcharge your battery it’ll keep it maintained when fully charged.

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Additional information

15 kg
23 × 17 × 23 cm